Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in California

You’ve worked hard to ensure the success of your California-based architect or engineer practice and, are without a doubt, committed to protecting it as well. And, professional liability lawsuits are an unfortunate, and costly but real, part of doing business.

First, there’s the actual dollar cost to claims expense. Second, are the hours that your firm’s principals will spend responding to numerous claim allegations, leaving less time to service your clients. Third, and most serious, is the potential damage inflicted on a client relationship and your practice’s reputation.

Therefore, it’s essential (for you) to make a well-informed decision when your purchasing professional liability insurance policy (aka errors and omissions). IOA Insurance Services, with 30+ years servicing several thousand architects and engineer firms, has the experience to provide immediate support as follows:

  • Senior-level insurance company access to negotiate pricing and claim management decision-makers
  • Professional liability policy proposals that truly enable well-informed decisions
  • Assistance keeping your professional service agreements insurable (using current contract language provisions)